Smoked to perfection with AromaStar!

AromaStar is a high quality line of wood chips that will provide the perfect color, taste and appearance for your smoked products. Wood chips are an environmentally-friendly product that originates solely from natural resources - carefully selected wood from deciduous, certified trees.

AromaStar 10

AromaStar wood chips are suitable for use in smoke generators and smoking chambers for thermal processing (thermal and frictional pyrolysis or steam extraction). This product can be used for cold smoking and hot smoking as well as with the addition of steam.

The type of wood used for smoking has a significant meaning to achieve the desired colour and aroma.The composition is selected on the basis of your individual needs. The blends of wood chips can also be adjusted for regional tastes and special recipes.
Wood types available are Beech, Oak and Alder

AromaStar 6

Smoking gives a pleasant, natural aroma, desired colour and delicate taste that are characteristic for traditional smoked products. An innovative way of treating the wood provides the richest amount of aromatic substances in the final product. The smoke gives a long-lasting colour, aroma and taste.

AromaStar wood chips are free from bark and sawdust.
Low moisture makes AromaStar easy to store for long period. Available in choice of fractions, wood types and moisture range.

Technical Parameters

The aforementioned products are manufactured in accordance with CFIA guidelines. Please contact us for additional information.